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We are a small-scale breeder, with a few select mares and offering the services of two unique stallions.   We strive to produce foals with the temperament, conformation and pedigree to grow into working partners for their owners, in a variety of disciplines. …”show quality, family dispositions”!  For many years, Jennifer (as Tuscany Park Arabians) raised Arabian horses primarily for the field of endurance.  Although we have produced some horses well suited to distance riding, we now no longer focus on horses necessarily specific to that discipline.  To that end, we have a unique collection of mares, and two very uniquely different stallions.  What do they have in common though? ……

Disposition –first and foremost, our  #1  priority!

Conformation – good feet, good legs, strong body and mind (capable of doing the job….be it pleasure, show or breeding) -  Part of this is also “type”….we do like them “pretty”, as an Arabian should be

Pedigree -  Proven lines that produce that which we want to perpetuate in the way of Arabian qualities in our foals:  natural athleticism, health and hardiness; willing nature and Arabian beauty.  We have infused Egyptian, CMK and Polish lines to achieve this.